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We support you by solving the information security or cyber issue, organizing the data, and building your defense.

Every year, millions of internet users and organizations worldwide meet cyber and information security issues in their way. It could be stolen information, blockchain topics, Blackmail, or any other cyber issues that can be very problematic and complicated to handle. We in Online Justice  help you by building a solid defense, solving the previous issue, and forming a strategy to bring a reliable solution to face and minimize the damages.

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Our areas of expertise

We Create Information Security And Cyber Defense Of All Shapes And Sizes

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so too do the online issues that users worldwide handle. Our expertise means that we can create information security and cyber defense of any form or format, including


Without securing authentication, you risk your intellectual property, digital assets, and your customers' personal information.


Securing and managing authorization as you should is one of the most critical things to keep cyber and information security issues away.

Network Segregation

You must have well-planned network segregation to help you prevent information security and cyber issues. It allows your organization to isolate and stop the malware before it reaches the network's core. That's how you can ensure the issue hasn't spread (to more than just one host).

Blockchain Analysis

 As one of the most complicated and unrecognized fields on the web - you must get help from a specialist to organize and analyze blockchain data in order to solve and investigate your cyber issue.

Blackmail Malware

The most crucial thing in those cases is getting help from a specialist immediately. Every action could be dramatic and irreparable. Our first-aid department will give you essential assistance to handle this uncomfortable situation and ensure you will get over it asap.


In Online Justice, we take care of all shapes and forms of information and cyber-DEFENSE. Therefore, we have the expertise to help our clients with any issues they might have suffered. The list above is just a bit of our expertise areas. Contact us now for more details.

What sets us apart

Why choose Online Justice

In Online Justice, we believe our work is our destiny - to help all of us live free and safe over the web. The internet is a big part of our day, and we deserve it to be a safe place to stay and manage our organization.


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Experts in our field

Our teams are made up of specialists who have a proven track record. They’re trained to be as approachable, as understanding and as professional as possible so that you can have complete confidence.


Keep You In The Loop

We believe that communication is key to customer satisfaction, and with that in mind, we always keep you updated throughout the process to ensure you know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it.



IN Online Justice we believe in adjusting the service to the client. So, We keep making our services as available to as many people possible, regardless of their background or situation. That’s why we tailor our budget to our clients, in order to ensure they can have the opportunity to solve any issue and get over it.


Here To Help

With every situation, you’ll have access to a dedicated specialist who’ll be on hand to answer any of your questions and queries – giving you absolute peace-of mind that your situation is being handled by the professionals.

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We’re constantly looking for new ways to protect our customers from any information security and cyber issues. We are Information Security Expert. Read up on the latest views and insights from our team of professionals to learn more

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Cyber Defense Solutions

Online Justice is your trusted companion for the quintessential, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions. We deliver the finest Cyber Defense Solutions to safeguard the data of millions of internet users. We know digital cybersecurity is tricky and constantly evolving, so we at Online Justice provide Data Protection in Cyber Security to protect your valuable business.

With the degree of skills and expertise of our team, we can create unique Financial Cyber Security solutions to protect you from any kind of online risks and frauds. who impose cookie-cutter template solutions that are neither acceptable for your business nor fit for purpose, we offer expert, customised, tailor-built solutions such as Blockchain Security Analysis for your organisation so you can get it right the first time.

Onlinejustice is a cybersecurity firm, and it's important to note that we will never retain your funds nor request any payment from you to facilitate fund recovery.

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