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SpartanTrade Review – 5 reasons not to invest in this broker.

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SpartanTrade Review – 5 reasons not to invest in this broker.

The “scam” itself is not a small word. It is something that can cause you to lose millions or even billions of dollars within seconds. In such an advanced world, you can expect fraudulent activities at every step. For example, since the crypto trading business took a boom, scammers have also shown how capable they are to loot people’s hard-earned money.

Crypto Trading is always a good way of getting good returns for investments. It is a way through which you can quick money in a minimal time. The most important factor in trading is timing which actually helps in making quick money making. But scam brokers may take advantage of the interest of traders in crypto trading by creating a platform and promising high returns in small time.

Before you invest in a broker, it is very important to cross-check them on different platforms. Most traders have a look at the articles to educate themselves about the trading platform. So here is one for you. OnlineJustice is a platform that aware its readers about Scam platforms and helps them get out of scams by providing cybersecurity solutions.

This article is totally dedicated to Spartan Trade. Do not get fooled by their nicely designed website. Spartan Trade is yet another scam platform that has taken entry into the crypto marketplace and is making crypto traders, especially novice ones a target to loot money. Here is a list of reasons why you should not trust them with your money

The Spartan Trade Review
The Spartan Trade Review

Broker’s Regulatory Status

We have done our research and have gone through a number of registries and databases where we to find the name of Spartan Trade. It is for your information that we could not find the company’s name in any of the databases or registers.

This is a major red flag in order to identify that the broker is involved in scam activities. Spartan Trade is not regulated. It means that there is no governing authority to regulate the broker and they are not answerable to anyone in case of fraudulent activities.

Blackisted Company

Spartan Trade is a blacklisted company in Germany and Spain. The primary reason to blacklist this company was that they had done thousands of scams with their customers. Spartan Trade cheated the customers by not allowing them to withdraw the money.

It is one of the foremost reasons not to trust the company. If they have already scammed thousands of people before, you will not be the very first one on their list. Stay away from them if you care about your money.

Spartan Trade’s Trading Conditions

Trading Conditions
Trading Conditions

If you ever come across a big trading platform, make sure to have a look at their account types and the amount they ask for to open a base account. In most cases, even large-scale brokers allow novice traders to start their trading journey with a minimal amount. But if we talk about Spartan Trade then the condition is the opposite.

If you have a look at the picture above, you will see that even to make a base account, they are asking to submit at least 250 Euros. DO NOT ever spend this much money when you are just starting. Asking your traders to spend this much money on a trading platform is totally not a thing good platforms do.

On the other hand, the broker is also offering high leverage. In most legitimate crypto brokers, the leverage is not that high.

Automated Trading Software

When you go through the website of Spartan Trade, you will see that they have made it with effort and they have also mentioned that they have automated trading software. But It is another red flag that you can expect from a scam broker.

Spartan Trade is a very professional scammer. The website and the trading software look amazing. And they have an exceptional team who can convince traders to invest their money. But when it comes to withdrawal, the company extends your request and gives lame excuses for not approving the withdrawal request.

What Were They Before?

Spartan Import Export
Spartan Import Export

We did research and put the Spartan Trade website on the Wayback machine, and we found out that it was an import and export website in 2018 and became a crypto broker in 2022. You must know that it is not able to do that in reality and Spartan Trade is clearly a fake cryptocurrency platform to cheat people and grab money from them.

What To Do If You Got Scammed?

If you were not aware of this fraudulent broker and got into the hand of them; there are certain steps that you can take to get your money back out of them.

File a Chargeback

The first step to take is to file a chargeback. For this, you need to write a withdrawal request in order to prove that you have asked the broker to give back your money. When you perform such a move, the broker will get hurt as the number of cashback increases, the more will be cracks in payment service provider relations with the broker. This step is only possible if you have used your credit or debit card.

What To Do If You Have Used a wire?

If you have sent them a wire, you may not be able to file a charge but there are still some ways through which you can get your money. You can threaten the broker that you will let the authorities know what they are doing and if they do not respond, send a detailed email to the regulating authorities in your country and tell them everything that happened.

Leave Reviews on Other Sites

Leave a bad review of the broker on other sites to save other people. Give a brief review of what happened to you. 


Spartan Trade is a professional scammer but after reading this article we expect that you will not get into their hands. We hope this review was helpful in identifying why you cannot trust Spartan Trade as a legitimate broker.

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