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Social Engineering Tool

Our Social Engineering tool intent to find out the possibilities of social attacks against our client, whether it be stealing personal information, financial fraud, or romance fraud, to get the attention of anyone. Online Justice secures the network of the organization from social engineering attacks and finds the initiation of attacks against our clients.

Security Awareness Training

The phishing attack is a widely known social engineering attack. In this attack, an attacker sends an email to the employees of your organization to encourage them to download or click on the link. This gives the attackers access to the network systems of the organization.

Simulating attacks

Social engineering attacks like phishing can be reduced by simulations. We provide cloud-based training related to how phishing attacks can be done to target employees in the organization. The main goal of these simulations is to teach you how attackers target your employees by sending spoof email hyperlinks or addresses.

Implement policies to mitigate spear phishing

This attack is tailored for a particular organization or individual. Cybercriminals benefit from the habit of individuals oversharing their personal information about their lives or organizations. To prevent this, we incorporate a policy helping your employees about how and what they should post on social media.

Incorporate face-to-face authentication

Vishing or voice phishing is a type of social engineering attack to assemble personal or financial information over the phone. To combat this attack, we implement face-to-face authentication of people to prevent your employees from getting attacked.

Install updated software and hardware

High-profile people like chief executive officers or chief financial officers are at a greater risk of whaling attacks. In this, cyber criminals steal sensitive information from them. To prevent you and your employees from this attack, we keep on updating antivirus and antimalware software on your organization’s systems.
Socially designed assaults target people rather than technology. Online Justice assists in raising awareness of social engineering inside your organization. We have extensive expertise in conducting social engineering exercises in various organizations. Our Social engineering tool is effective because it builds trust among your employees. Each strategy seeks to establish rapport with the target to render them vulnerable to exploitation.