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Cyber Check Explained

What is cyber check?

Cyber check is a forensic tool for analysis and data recovery. It is web based and it is very useful for Law Enforcement Officers that need to analyze digital files quickly. Cyber check has a user-friendly GUI (graphical user interface) that multiple users can use simultaneously.

What is information security?

Information Cyber Crime Security (also known as InfoSec) is basically the title behind all the tools used to protect digital and analog information. InfoSec prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing personal or sensitive business information. But that’s not all it does. It prevents the option to use, disclose, record, or destroy that information.

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The CIA- 3 principles of information security

Information security has 3 fundamental elements that are known as CIA:


  • Confidentiality– that principle exists in order to ensure that personal information remains private and disclosed. Only those who are authorized or, obviously, own the information have access to it.
  • Integrity– following that principle prevents unauthorized data changes. By doing so, the principle of integrity maintains the accuracy and completeness of data.
  • Availability– that principle is pretty self-explanatory. The data and software systems must be available when needed.

Information security threats

There are many information security threats out there. We present a few that we believe are important to know and be aware of.

  • Social engineering (also known as phishing):

this treat seems harmless at first. That is what makes it so dangerous. The attacker uses social interaction skills to trick users into giving sensitive or private information that will eventually compromise the organization and its computer systems.

  • Social media attacks:

When using our social media accounts, business or private, we must be aware that attackers might use the information, analyze it, and find vulnerable spots. They can use that in order to design an attack based on those vulnerabilities. 

  • Poorly secured systems:

Cyber attackers usually exploit poor security systems because it’s easier. Organization sometimes makes the mistake of developing systems with no security in mind. It happens mostly because of how fast the technology develops leading to compromising in security measures. 

  • A keylogger:

Malware has many forms, keylogger is one of them. It is a type of software that records and follows every keystroke you type on your computer! It is designed to spy on its victims and then send the keystroke you typed to the hacker that analyses them and detects passwords and usernames in order to hack into secured systems.

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2FA to the rescue!

2FA (Two-Factor Authentication) is a security system that protects whatever you need secured by requiring two kinds of methods to verify your identity. For example- a fingerprint or a password. Once verified- you are able to access what is secured.

This type of security system can protect you from social engineering and phishing that are mentioned above as threats, and many more.

2FA is extremely important. If an attack happens remotely and the attacker manages to tap into your computer using the internet and you don’t have 2FA to protect you- he won. He can steal your password since it is on the same channel. However, if you do have 2FA installed, the attacker must have your device physically in order to complete the second method and access your accounts. Now- you win.

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Choose a strong password

A strong password is not the only security measure you have to take, but it is a very important one. Choose a weak password and your identity is in jeopardy of not being yours only; choose a strong one and chances are you’ll get to keep it to yourself.

So how to choose a strong enough password?

There are many factors to take under consideration when choosing a password, we’ll mention a few:

  • Don’t ever use obvious and easy combinations like 123456 or your name and date of birth. This are known to everyone- thanks to social media.
  • Add more characters to your password. The more characters- the harder it is to guess it. When you add characters, you expand the amount of possible combinations.
  • Don’t use the same password for everything and try to change it on a regular basis.

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