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According to FTC, Since 2021, 46000 people have lost over $1 million in crypto scams. The study says that most victims paid scammers in Bitcoin, Tether, and Ether. It also states that most of these scams were done through social media channels like Facebook. Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram. This has become a trend where fraudulent companies make fake websites and allow for bogus investments. Then the fraudulent websites work to develop artificial applications that show demographics to the customers that their investments are getting positive returns. Little do the investors realize that such activities are only to have them investing again and again in the account, and when they want to get it out, they cannot proceed with the process.

The world is advancing daily, and more and more fraudulent activities are entering the online market. There needs to be a solution through which customers can get their cybersecurity and defense-related issues resolved.

Here is when OnlineJustice comes to the rescue. It is a one-stop platform to ensure safety all over the internet and provides online Cyber Defense Solutions to its customer. We make the public aware of the scam platforms and then assist them in getting out of the fraud through properly handling issues. Most people take our services to get their significant investments back that they had made on scam platforms.

We have served our clients for quite a time now, and our clients always refer to our platform if they see any fraudulent activities. But this article indicates something else. We have been getting reports through multiple resources that our company is being cloned. Many criminals are replicating the company’s name and taking money out of people who need our services to get out of the scams they have already been in.

What is Cloning?

In standard terms, Cloning can be explained as a common type of fraud that misleads new and existing customers through criminal activities such as creating a company website name that is the same as the one they need to target.

When this happens, the new and existing customers get mixed up in knowing what platform is reliable and what is not. 

It is straightforward to make websites on the internet to clone the company. Clone websites are made up exactly like the original ones and have a slight change in the website address.

Why do Criminals clone websites?

Cloning is a famous method to scam companies to damage the credibility of reputable websites and firms.  Most cloning is done through websites, as mentioned above, and these websites take advantage of the original businesses by threatening them by using their business name and performing fraudulent activities.

Criminals clone websites and businesses to earn money and affect their reliability. For example, if any website has good traffic and people make use of some service through that website, the website earns money from it. But such popularity of the website may attract criminals to create an exact copy of the website and confuse the customers. The criminals may use this opportunity to make money from your loyal customer. Not only will this opportunity lead to your customers losing their money, but it will also have a terrible effect on your website and business, and you will lose trustworthiness.

OnlineJustice is being cloned.

OnlineJustice is going through similar issues, and many criminals in the market are replicating themselves as us and getting money out of our customers by asking them to pay in cryptocurrency.

OnlineJustice is a reliable platform; now, more people are joining our platform because they trust us. This feature of ours is being used as an advantage. Because our customer base is growing so fast, criminals have taken advantage of it by making fake OnlineJustice identities.

What to do now?

We highly recommend our customers be aware of the companies that approach them to provide services with the name of online justice. Your first step should be to check out the website, especially the Contact information. And then move forward with any process.

To be sure that you are on the right website of, OnlineJustice, scroll down the internet that if any other company is present with the same name.

If you are still unsure, you can contact the website on the phone number and ask them if the communication you receive from the platform is genuine and legitimate.

OnlineJustice will never ask you to pay in Crypto.

According to our information, the criminals with clone websites by the name of OnlineJustice are damaging our platform’s integrity and asking the customer to pay money in cryptocurrencies.

We offer our services by providing customers with a platform they can trust to get cyber security and defense solutions. And we charge our customers a certain amount of money for our services. But we never ask our clients to pay in digital currencies. We believe that the payments should be made in the easiest way possible.

The clone websites are asking the customers to pay in cryptocurrencies, and we don’t do that. It is yet one of the primary points to realize that if any website named OnlineJustice asks you to make payments through cryptocurrencies, that is a clone website approaching you to scam you.

If you ever come across a website named after our name and ask you to submit payments in crypto, your first step should be to stop any process you were proceeding with. Then the second step is to inform us about the website and we will take legal action against them.

It is straightforward to get scammed in this top-notch world, but we keep you safe. In the case of OnlineJustice clone websites, do not trust any website named OnlineJustice that asks for payments in crypto.

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