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Online trading is one of the most popular investment opportunities for investors around the world, with currency volatility presenting huge possibilities for profit and investment.

Unfortunately, this popularity makes it a tempting prospect for scammers who pose as legitimate brokers offering great rates, but who, once they’re given money to invest, promptly disappear with the funds.

If this has happened to you, the good news is that the money may still be recovered.

Here at Online Justice, we’ve handpicked the best people in the business to help victims like you claim back the Online investments that are rightfully yours.

However much money you’ve lost, or however you lost it, we’ll work with you every step of the way to get it back.

You can count on us.

Here’s how our process works

We assess your case
Our experts will look into your case, assessing against our criteria to see if there is a chance of recovery.
We’ll gather evidence
We’ll work with you to collect and collate evidence of the scam from emails and contacts between you and the scammers.
We’ll present evidence to the scammers
Our specialists will find and approach the scammers with the evidence to confront them and refer them to the authorities.
We’ll retrieve your funds
Our experience and expertise means we have a good chance at ensuring the money you have lost to the scammer is safely returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online trading?

Online trading is the act of purchasing and selling financial products on the Internet.

The trader buys and sells using an online trading platform.

Online trading may include trading in bonds, stocks (shares), futures, international currencies, and other financial instruments.

How do Online scams happen?

Almost everyone who trades on the Online market will trade through a broker. These brokers take investor money to buy up currencies, taking a small percentage for themselves as part of the service they provide.

There are hundreds and thousands of brokers on the market, and because of this large number, often you can get scammers who pretend to be brokers, but instead simply take the money they are paid to invest. There are also other forms of Online scam such as fake education programs and fraudulent software.

What happens if I get scammed?

It’s often a very tough job trying to get money back from Online scammers. Fraudulent brokers can often disappear, making it very hard to track them down and retrieve the stolen money.

Fortunately, here at Online Justice, we’ve got the right skills, experience and technology to track down any Online scammer. We make the process as simple and easy as possible to ensure that whatever you’ve lost, we can get it back.

Why choose us?

The experts on your side

We’ve got the proven track record and specialist training to find, track down and confront your scammers to get your money.

Real experience throughout

Our experience is second to none when it comes to money retrieval; Our long background in the industry makes us the best people for the job.

Communication from start to finish

We’ll constantly stay in touch with you from the moment you first reach out to us, so that you know we’re doing everything we can to retrieve your funds.

Fair pricing

We provide a clear and transparent pricing plan for our services so that you know exactly how much you’ll get back from your scammers.

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