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Invest505 Review – 5 troubling facts you must know about the broker

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Invest505 Review – 5 troubling facts you must know about the broker

Since the beginning of the crypto boom, traders have made trillions of dollars through cryptocurrency trading. The biggest price-tracking website CoinMarketCap indicates that there are over 13000 crypto assets with a total capitalization of $2.5 Trillion.  But on the other hand, they have also lost billions of dollars due to scam platforms in the marketplace.

Scam platforms usually do their work by making a website and putting content over it. Also, most of these scam platforms add automated software to perform trading on the website. All these are tactics to make an impression on the viewers. But what the scam platforms actually do are mentioned in reviews that the real researchers provide.

The only purpose people read reviews of brokers these days is that they do not trust anybody. Mainly because the cheaters in the market have spoiled the internet severely. We at OnlineJustice ensure to aware the readers about all the scam platforms that exist to loot their customers.  The main reason you are here today is to know if invest505 is a reliable broker or not.

In this invest505 review, you will get a proper overview of why you should never trust this broker with your hard-earned money.

The Invest505 Review
The Invest505 Review

Invest505 Is An Unregulated Broker

Before proceeding with even a single process, you should always make sure that the broker is regulated or not. It is the most important aspect that you should see in a broker that you are choosing for trading purposes. Unregulated brokers do not come under any governing body which means that they can carry out many fraudulent activities without any worry.

When the discussion is about invest505, then a layman may never understand if the company is regulated or not. Primarily because the owners have done their homework pretty work. In the company about us section, you can see a full page devoted to the ‘avoid scam’ heading. In the heading, they mentioned that to avoid scam platforms, you should always choose a regulated broker. In the same section, they have also added that they are registered in the Marshall Islands and are fully regulated.

But before you trust them with all the lies they have stated, you must know that in the country of Marshall Island, anybody can register a company over the internet. There is not a single financial authority in that area that can keep a check on any broker registered in the company. And it is enough to prove that Invest505 is not a regulated broker and you should never invest money through them.

Invest505 Trading Software

The industry standard of trading software is MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Most legitimate brokers depend on this highly exceptional trading software for traders to perform trading activities. But when a company offers automated trading software or web-based trading software, it means another red flag. Invest505 does not offer MetaTrader4 or 5, but it has a web-based platform with limited functionality that traders can access in order to perform all their crypto-related activities. It means you cannot rely on them regarding trading software as well.

Invest505 Contradiction

Invest505 Contradiction
Invest505 Contradiction

The broker Invest505 was founded in 2022. But when you through the website, you can see in the above picture that they have more than 415,000 active clients and traders on the list. It is not at all possible to have this much consumer base within a single year. Also, most of the traders do not even trust such brokers who lack experience. And we can say that the makers of Invest505 are big liars and the proofs are all on their website.

Invest505 Trading Conditions

One of the major ways of identifying if a broker is a scam is to see how they present their trading conditions. Most legitimate take this part into consideration most of the time. Although the minimum deposit on the basic account of Invest505 is of industry standards, but they have also added a PRO account which gives tons of services and requires the account owner to deposit at least 1 million dollars. This is something very fishy as you cannot ask any trader to deposit such a big amount of money just to carry out the trading activities.

Also, the broker is providing huge leverage on every account type and it does not make any sense. Whenever you see a platform that is providing very high leverage, leave it there, it may probably be a scam platform.

What To Do If You Got Scammed?

If you were not aware of this fraudulent broker and got into the hand of them; there are certain steps that you can take to get your money back out of them.

File A Chargeback

The first step to take is to file a chargeback. For this, you need to write a withdrawal request in order to prove that you have asked the broker to give back your money. When you perform such a move, the broker will get hurt as the number of cashback increases, the more will be cracks in payment service provider relations with the broker. This step is only possible if you have used your credit or debit card.

What To Do If You Have Used A Wire?

If you have sent them a wire, you may not be able to file a charge but there are still some ways through which you can get your money. You can threaten the broker that you will let the authorities know what they are doing and if they do not respond, send a detailed email to the regulating authorities in your country and tell them everything that happened.

Leave Reviews On Other Sites

Leave a bad review of the broker on other sites to save other people. Give a brief review of what happened to you. 


Invest505 is a manipulative scammer but after reading this article we expect that you will not get into their hands. We hope this review was helpful in identifying why you cannot trust Invest505 as a legitimate broker.

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