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Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards getting your money back with Online Justice.

Now, what’s next ?

You are determined to recover your money, and so are we. You are part of the 24,8% scam victims that take action and do not surrender to fraud, we are proud of you. After receiving your contact information, one of our trusted cybersecurity experts will get in touch with you to understand your situation better and to come up with an action plan as fast as possible to ensure justice for you. But before that, you might have some questions that we can answer beforehand.

Who is OnlineJusitce?

Our main mission is to help victims of online fraud recover the money they lost to online criminals and provide information, help and guidance to victims in order to ensure their safety and protection in the future.

We help people who have fallen victim to numerous online scams in the areas of Forex trading, Binary Options, Crypto scams, Romance scams and many other types of online fraud. At Online Justice you’ll find the most effective and immediate solution for funds recovery after an Online Scam. We particularly specialize in recovery for victims that lost substantial sums of money.

We know better than anyone how hard it is to give your trust again, which is why we particularly value transparency and honesty in all of our processes. We do not hide anything from you, and you are allowed to request from us as many proofs of our legitimacy as you need. We will gladly provide them and assure you that Online Justice is a safe choice.

OnlineJustice is owned and operated by Orange INF Tools LTD registered under #14186929 and located in London, UK. We are a legally registered company in the UK that performs under the UK laws and regulations. You can check our registration on Gov.uk here.

Does our method really work ?

Our Team of Cybersecurity experts are top-trained to use the latest tools, technology and their expertise has allowed us overtime to conduct 3589 successful funds recovery cases ! All those successful cases together represent a total amount of 1 565 458 GBP retrieved from scammers. Our goal is to continually improve in our endeavors and we are always dedicated to help you in your fight for what is rightfully yours. Over time, we have built an extensive database of scammers and we are often brought to recover money from the same fraudulent entities, which completes our use of a very powerful cybersecurity stack and allows us to have a 96,5% success rate.


We are particularly successful in completing cases from Australia, the UK and Canada, where scammers usually operate the most. But regardless of where you are located, our team can help you get your money back as long as you have the relevant documentation needed to build up the case.

Why chose us ?

No one talks about us better than our dear clients. Check out a few of their testimonials below and reviews here.

Are there any costs?

We wish we could answer no, but we need a fee to open your casefile, unlock tools and assign a team of professionals to work on your case. Nevertheless, we are completely transparent about the process and its advancement, and rest assured that if there is no hope of money recovery for your case, we offer the possibility to request a full refund of the fee.

Our process goes this way:

  1. First our team will call you and ask you for information about your personal experience and story in detail, how much money you lost, where, when and how you transferred it. 
  2. If we believe we can help you a payment of 299 GBP will be required in order to open a file. 
  3. Once the file is open we will collect all the information you can provide about the scam and the scammer to build a case, then investigate further using our tools and database and form a strong strategy in order to retrieve the money from the scammer.
  4. Depending on the complexity of your case and the tools we need, our experts will provide you with an exact quotation, where the initial 299 GBP deposit is subtracted from the final fee. No other hidden fees will be added at any time.
  5. If after collecting the documents we believe that we will not be able to get your money back, don’t worry, we will let you know and automatically issue a full refund and our apologies for the time spent on the case.

How long does it take ?

Although our experienced team will look to complete your case as soon as possible, each case is unique. On average this process takes from two weeks to two months depending on the complexity of the case, of your availability and the communication with our team. Usually, we complete successful cases after 2 months.

Are you ready to take the next step ?

If you prefer to speed up things and be prioritized, you can always pay the case file opening fee immediately and be contacted by our experts in less than 24 hours.