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5 First Steps To Take If You Have Been Scammed​

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5 First Steps To Take If You Have Been Scammed​

5 First Steps to Take If You Have Been Scammed


Scams are prevalent in today’s digital age, and it’s essential to know what to do if you become a victim of one. Scammers are always looking for new ways to exploit unsuspecting individuals and take advantage of them. However, if you fall prey to a scam, all hope is not lost. There are specific steps you can take to help mitigate the damage and recover your money. In this article, we’ll discuss the five first steps to take if you have been scammed.

Step 1: Don’t Let the Scammers Know

The first thing you should do if you have been scammed is to refrain from letting the scammers know. It’s essential to remain calm and composed and not show any signs of distress or panic. Scammers are always on the lookout for any signs of weakness, and they can use that to their advantage. By maintaining contact with the scammers, you could gather valuable information that can help in the investigation and recovery of your funds.

Step 2: Gather All Relevant Information

The second step is to gather all the relevant information related to the scam. This includes emails, WhatsApp messages, bank statements, and phone numbers. Make sure you take screenshots of any conversations you have had with the scammers, as this can be used as evidence in the investigation. Also, ensure you have any receipts or documents related to the transaction.

Step 3: Contact Your Bank Immediately

Once you have gathered all the relevant information, the next step is to contact your bank immediately. If you are a victim of online fraud, you need to inform your bank as soon as possible. They may be able to reverse the transaction or stop any further payments from being made. The bank will also investigate the transaction and work with law enforcement agencies to recover your funds.

Step 4: File a Police Report

After contacting your bank, the next step is to file a police report. You should provide as much information as possible, including the details of the scam, the amounts involved, and any evidence you have gathered. Make sure you keep a copy of the complaint as proof. Filing a police report helps to document the incident and gives the authorities a starting point for their investigation.

Step 5: Contact OnlineJustice for Assistance

If steps 1-4 do not lead to any resolution, you can seek help from OnlineJustice, an organization that specializes in helping victims of scams. They have a team of experts who can assist in investigating the scam, identifying the scammers, and recovering your funds. OnlineJustice has a proven track record of success and can provide the guidance and support you need during this difficult time.


In conclusion, being scammed can be a traumatic experience, but it’s essential to take the appropriate steps to mitigate the damage and recover your funds. The five steps outlined in this article are the first things you should do if you have been scammed. Remember, it’s essential to remain calm and collected and not let the scammers know you are onto them. Gather all the relevant information, contact your bank immediately, file a police report, and seek assistance from OnlineJustice if necessary. By taking these steps, you can increase your chances of recovering your funds and prevent the scammers from exploiting other unsuspecting victims.

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