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Anzcoins Comprehensive Review – Scam

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Anzcoins Comprehensive Review – Scam

AnzCoins Comprehensive Review- SCAM

Have you made a deposit with Anzcoins and suspected you were SCAMMED? Read our review about Anzcoins and see why we DON’T recommend them as your broker for trading. 

Who is Anzcoins?

First, it is important for you to know that trades between FX (foreign exchange) dealers can be extremely big, involving hundreds of millions of dollars. and due to sovereignty issues when two currencies are involved, the foreign exchange market has almost no supervisory entity that is regulating its actions.

The Anzcoins is one of many UNREGULATED forex brokers. It was founded in 2022 and not in 2007 as stated on its website.

Speaking of their website, when you look for a broker for trading and you see that the company does not fall under any regulating agency- please do NOT invest with them. It should be a sufficient tip-off for you to know that your money isn’t safe with them, and you are not protected. They can take your money and there is no regulatory agency to hold them responsible.

If that’s not enough, you should be aware of the fact that when a website, like Anzcoins ‘s website, offers an “Automated Trading Software” from another website they work with- you’re in for a scam. These kinds of websites are notoriously known for scamming schemes.

So how does it work?

Well, first they will do everything in their power to convince you into making the initial minimum deposit. To do so they will lure you by promising the moon: “We will double that initial deposit within 24 hours!” and so on.

After they succeed with the initial deposit, they will try to get more money out of you using the help of more experienced scammers. It doesn’t end. However, you can make it end even if you fall victim to their empty promises.

Did that happen to you too? Contact us now!! 

How to get your money back?

There are a few things you need to do to get your money back.

  1. Submit a withdrawal request (in writing) ASAP!

Always bear in mind that they don’t want to give you your money back, but they won’t tell you that. They will simply DELAY. They will hold back the withdrawing process for months for different excuses.

Know that after six months you won’t be able to perform a chargeback!

  1. File a chargeback

The reason you had to submit the withdrawal request in writing is so that you can prove that you’ve tried to ask for your funds back; and yet, they refuse to do so, or it’s delayed for far too long.

This option is valid only if you paid with your credit or debit card.

Performing a chargeback allows you to kill two birds with one stone:

you are more likely to get your money back and the broker gets hurt.

When many chargebacks are filed it wrecks their relationship with the payment service providers.

 Want to learn more about a chargeback? Contact us for more information

  1. If you sent them a wire- you must attack it from a different angle:

Unfortunately, you can’t perform a chargeback. But don’t worry, there are still ways for you to get back what’s yours.

Threat them that you will go to the authorities and unless they give you your money back you will file a complaint against them.

If that doesn’t work- be a man of your word! write an email or a letter to the regulating agency for forex brokers in your country (Google it). Tell them everything that happened, how they conned you, and about your hard-earned money that they won’t give back.

But before you send it- give it one last chance and send the letter to the broker; let them know that unless they refund your money- you will send it to the regulating agency.

Don’t know how to start? Reach us now 

Leave reviews about Anzcoins on other websites

Help us save more people from falling victims. Leave a bad review on other sites, write what happened to you in short, and warn others not to fall for that scam.


We hope this review was helpful and gave you the information you needed.

If you have any more questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected], or here

See what our clients think about us

Roy Kingford
Roy KingfordI had a very pleasant experience with

Read More
I had a very pleasant experience with them. Even though I could not to use their services, they helped me a lot.

Olivia Jones
Olivia JonesI recently used their services Read More

I recently used their services, and the blockchain report they generated helped me to get my money back. Unbelievable!

Logan Walsh
Logan WalshThey have been very helpful Read More

They have been very helpful. Polite, and and professional. Based on the bad experience I’ve had in the past it’s actually nice to talk to someone who really cares of what you’ve been through..
Highly recommend!

DavidAmazing service Read More

Amazing service
They explained everything to me and if it wasn’t for them
I wouldn’t of known where to start and how to get my money back
Thank you a-lot guys at online justice!!!!

Dan Martin
Dan MartinNever ever believe someone who calls Read More

Never ever believe someone who calls you and offers you, out of the blue, a unique and time-limited financial opportunity. This is how I fell victim to a con. I was stupid. Till today I find it hard to talk about it. But since I started the process with Online Justice, I felt that I’m in good hands. And they also delivered. Moreover, they did it in the most kind and understanding way. Special thanks to Alan, who held me hand in hand throughout this terrible process.
John Halper
John HalperI had very good expérience with this Read More
I had very good expérience with this business, I got blockchain Analysis report that helped me to trace the exchange, and eventually my money.

Trevor Hampton
Trevor HamptonAmazing Team Read More

Amazing team and they really work hard and they keep you in loop at all times. It is just a shame that they don’t have an office in Australia. so you have to communication with them only in European hours.
Selma J.
Selma J.Online justice is professional! Read More
I have no doubt that Online justice is professional. They are also quite familiar. Maybe that’s the reason their service is relatively costly. Using the services of a company of such a kind is a bit of a paradox: Someone steals all your money, and then you pay money to get your money back. Ridiculous, isn’t it? Well, I get it. It is a business after all. Yet I wish theory would lower the price of their service. Let’s not forget – many of those who fell victim to fraud may not have sufficient funds to pay Online Justice.
Barbara H.
Barbara H.They Helped Me Read More
How can I ever trust guys I meet on apps again? I feel like such an idiot. He pretended to be in love with me for 4 months or so before asking for my credit card for some reason. I trusted him completely, I had no suspicion. And then he disappeared. I was heartbroken. I didn’t know what to do! The first time I contacted Online Justice, I cried like a little girl. Thankfully, Online Justice has such a warm and kind staff. They helped me with everything, from A to Z. I was in no condition to be concentrated on anything. A half a year later, the magic occurred, and my money was returned. I can’t thank Online Justice enough!
Leslie C.
Leslie C.I still feel there’s hope for customers Read More
It’s good to have companies like Online justice around. Only thanks to them I got rid of the terrible shame and guilt that accompanied the fraud I fell victim to. Apparently, I one only one out of dozens who were fooled by the same scammer company. With Online Justice around, I still feel there’s hope for customers. I don’t wish anyone to go through what I experienced. But if you do, address these guys.
Brandon M.
Brandon M.Online Justice did a terrific job in returning my funds. Read More
With all those CFD trading sites out there, it’s hard to tell which one is legitimate and which are frauds. Sadly, I registered to a fraud site. Once they had me on their hook, they started acting suspiciously, taking too much money, and behaving in a fishy manner. When it was all too much, I addressed Online Justice. Apparently, I’m not the only one to experience this. Online Justice did a terrific job in returning my funds. Not all, but most of it.
Gloria L.
Gloria L.Grandfather get his justice Read More
My grandfather was scammed by an ‘Investment company’. They nagged him till he gave them his credit card details. You know how it ended. He didn’t know what to do, and he was so ashamed he didn’t tell us about it for a few months. Only when we found out he has no money left, he told us about what happened. The process at Online Justice was long and tiring, but it was worth every penny. Yes, this service isn’t cheap. But as their name promises, my grandfather did get his justice, and quite a lot of his money.
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